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Now days the marine industry changes rapidly, leading the ship propulsion systems away from fossil fuels.

The international rules and regulations concerning the Co2 reduction have become more strict, limiting owners’ options dramatically.

Seaquest Marine Technologies LLC, a pioneer company in the sector of the new technologies such as the marine batteries, autonomous vessels, robotics, drones, etc., has come to fill the gap between the past and the future technologies by providing turn-key solutions to the owners/managers/operators, making their vessels green friendly and saving time and money.

Seaquest Marine Technologies LLC consists of highly experienced and educated partners, guarantees every project’s success worldwide.

Our specialization

Marine Batteries for propulsion ( Ships,Yachts,Ferries )

Marine Chargers for Ports & Marinas

EMR 5G Radiation Protection

Autonomous Lifebuoys

Thermal Imaging System for Human Fever Screening