Meet EMILY: The Remote-Controlled Buoy that May Serve as Your Next Lifeguard

The Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard can travel up to 22 mph and is outfitted with two-way communication radios, a live-streaming video camera and lights for use at night.

EMILY rescue robot for aggressive surf rescue missions. 12 kg weight with 22 mph
performance and battery power for 60-70 rescue missions at 150 meters each.

  • Swift Water Rescue EMILY for fast river and flood missions. Operates with tow line and carries
    a lifejacket, helmet, night navigation lights, day/night camera with feed to smart phone or tablet and
    capable of 38 mph speeds for very fast flowing river current.
  • SONAR EMILY for underwater search and recovery missions. 15 kg weight with Hummingbird
    IO12 imaging side scan, mult-beam, and single beam imaging sonar. Battery life of 5-6 hours for
    extended search missions. Simple launch and recover operation for both day and night missions.
    Ideal for fast response in areas difficult or impossible to operate manned watercraft.

It’s a buoy, it’s a life raft, it’s Emily

Designed to race through heavy surf, EMILY has proper balance for quick self-righting performance.
The deep, 22 degree hull is designed to track straight during wave breaching. Highly durable, EMILY will survive impact at full speed or in surf with rocks, reef, or pilings.
Use EMILY to provide flotation until a rescuer arrives, deliver life jackets, or pull a recovery rescue line up to 800 yards through strong currents and large surf.


Remote controlled

Top speed of 48 km/hr

1.4m long, 38cm wide, 11kg, kevlar reinforced composite hull

Military standard equipment

Deployed from the shoreline, boat or aircraft.

10km on a single battery charge

Buoyant enough to save five people at a time

1 kilo-watt jet pump with inlet grate; no propeller or rudder to harm victim or catch on rocks or sand

Floatation cover is highest quality construction with heavy duty marine grade canvas with light weight structural closed cell foam floatation


EMILY is helping complement the U.S Navy’s current capabilities of detecting ordnance, a capability to confirming/denying presence of explosive ordnance from very shallow water to the surf zone.

Aug 16, 2019


About 100 people were “rescued” in the multi-agency ferry emergency exercise conducted by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) yesterday to demonstrate their readiness in responding to such incidents.

Apr 3, 2018


SAR HAWKTM software was designed with the Search and Rescue professional in mind.  Automated, easy to use and yet provides the operator with the ability to review and process Humminbird data.

Feb 14, 2018