Thermoscreen is the most accurate fever screening system available as tested by the US Center for Disease Control (see and is superior to competing products regarding accuracy, effectiveness, and ease-of-use.

Thermoscreen’s Automated Screening Mode dramatically improves screening accuracy by evaluating fever based on a statistical analysis of recent screening results. By compensating for body core temperature variations and screening area temperature changes, missed detections and false violations can be dramatically reduced. During the screening process, Thermoscreen verifies that subjects stand still and face the camera to prevent image blur from degrading measurement accuracy and to assure that the inside corners of the eyes are measured, providing the best correlation to internal body core temperature. Automated Screening Mode also gives operators the freedom to focus their attention on coordinating pedestrian movement and processing fever violations. Subjects are guided through the screening process by verbal commands issued through the system’s speakers.

Thermoscreen has been installed in hospitals, airports, educational institutions, corporate buildings, manufacturing plants, and emergency response vehicles. System assembly is straightforward using the step-by-step instructions and picture in the hard copy user manual. Thermoscreen is very easy to use. Operation is as easy as turning on the computer and walking in front of the camera to be screened. Thermoscreen software requires minimal operator interaction as there are only a few software parameters to adjust. The user manual includes information about all software features, as well as fever screening terminology and concepts.