EMF Protection Blanket-Dark Grey


This dark grey thin shielding blanket is made out of Steel-Gray for protection against high and low frequency radiation. Easy and quick protection on the couch, in the bed, on holiday, on business trips or while playing console games.

Steel-Gray is a tightly woven and contains steel threads that are not so soft on the skin, similar to a wool sweater. Use this blanket on top of clothing for comfortable use. We use this substance because it is extremely washable and durable and lasts longer as any other substance!


EMR Protection Blanket Features:

  • Size: 200 cm x 140 cm
  • Attenuation: 35 dB at 1 Ghz
  • Color: Grey
  • Raw materials: 40% cotton, 30% polyester, 30% stainless steel
  • Surface conductivity: 100-800 ohms / inch (2.54 cm)
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